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Today I am sharing a super simple idea! I actually had no intention of blogging about this but after doing it and seeing what a HUGE help it was going to make to my week I thought why not! Plus, aren’t all super simple ideas worth sharing? I think so! After a week of sickness and being in the house and me starting to get the sick going around, we went to the store to stock up on healthy foods and just to get out. Of course after buying all these fresh healthy foods, I had no desire to do anything with them! On Sunday I decided I just had to get it done. I told myself if I just take a little time now I will be so glad I did later! I spent one hour yesterday cutting veggies, preparing veggie “packets” and making a chopped salad. Below is a list of what I chopped and the packets I made and what I intend to use them for. They have already come in handy! I used 2 yesterday and 1 today! I have always known that the more prepared I am ahead of meal prep the easier it is to get the healthy foods on the table! ENJOY!
Debbi K.

Chopped Salad, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, tomato and English cucumber

Romaine lettuce for gluten-free wraps

Carrots, mushrooms and sugar snap peas to saute and add to the salad

Carrots, onion and celery for soup, made the soup today!

Squash sliced lengthwise and sliced mushrooms for grilling, had this last night with chicken!

Asparagus, just cleaned and took ends off, grilled last night to go with chicken!

Sugar snap peas and radishes for saute

Celery stalks for snacking

Purchased shelled English peas at Trader Joe’s to make pea/avocado spread

veggie prep



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