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Walking Norton

Norton is a little over a year now and one thing we really enjoy in my house is walking. However, Norton has never been a fan! He will walk about 3 houses down then stop and look at us like yeah, this is it for me. He LOVES his yard and enjoys spending time outside just doesn’t like walking. We usually walk a lot on the weekends and I got about 5 walks in on Sat and Sun. I took Norton with us on the first walk Sat with the husband. I was determined to get him to enjoy walking. Of course the first walk was a tad frustrating and actually pretty funny, Norton enjoys walking in the street. I thought this breed was very smart, LOL! But he actually walked around the entire neighborhood which is a little under a mile. Yeah success! Each day since we walk him and he is getting better, still spastic and tries to go out in the street but better. Eventually we hope he will enjoy walking as we do!

Today  I was looking in a drawer and pulled out a heavy hole punch and set it next to me on the floor. I turned away for literally a second and Mr. Norton had picked it up and was sneaking away with it! I watched to see what he was going to do and he laid it down then he laid down, then I took it back.

Enjoy your Thursday evening! See you back here tomorrow!

Debbi K.

walking Norton


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