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DIY / Heart Wreath

I am excited to share this craft project with you! I enjoy decorating with wreaths. I use them in my home but mostly adore them on a front door. It is an easy way to decorate. HOWEVER, I have 2 hiccups with wreaths, their price and my front door! I have a black front door (which I like as it goes well with the house) and I also have a storm door. We get bright sun in the afternoon and a black door with glass in front of it causes major heat! I have to be careful what types of wreaths I put on the door. I’ve had several mishaps! When I saw this wreath online I had to try it! No glue to melt, no dried products and not pricey AT ALL!

I purchased all my items at Hobby Lobby and it only took a few hours. You can probably do the big one in an hour if you sit down and don’t stop and start as I did. It is super simple! You need the following:

1 yard of felt off the bolt. I purchased a darker barn red for my wreath, love the color especially against my black door!

1 box of straight pins

1 large heart wreath, it is about 11 inches

1 smaller heart wreath about 6 inches


I made the larger wreath first and I had exactly enough felt left for the smaller.

For the larger wreath. I made a template out of a 3 inch round cookie cutter. Cut out circles with the felt. I did this in a few stages so I only cut what I used. Then you take the circle fold it in half and then in half again. You use one straight pin per circle and you put the pin in at the point of the last fold then add to the wreath. I started at the top on the right side, when done I went back to the top and did the left side. You just pin each circle close together covering the wreath. Then make a loop with the ribbon and pin it to the back.

Another day I used a 2 inch tea glass I have and made a template for the smaller wreath. Then followed the above instructions.

I hope you will give it a try, it really was relaxing and easy and it looks very nice hanging on my front door or for the smaller one propped on and easel. ENJOY!

Debbi K.

heart wreathheartwreath2heartwreath3

mini heart wreath (2) mini heart wreath

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