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Flowers for any Occasion

Flowers are the sweetest things God every made and forgot to put a soul into. Henry Ward Beecher
I adore flowers! They make me smile! I was shopping at Trader Joe’s over the weekend and came across these mini flowers! I’m guessing the pots are only about 3 inches! They are the sweetest! AND they are only 1.99 each! I gathered a few tea cups and one mini teapot. I placed rocks carefully in the bottom, added a touch of soil, then the plant and more soil. A super quick, super easy but beautiful way to display these mini beauties! I am using them on my porch for a nice Mother’s Day centerpiece!
These would make great Mother’s Day gifts or for any occasion! Imagine giving one as a hostess gift, unique! If you don’t own extra tea cups, you can find them for less than 5.00 at Home Goods! If you know someone who loves coffee, use a coffee mug!
Debbi K.
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