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Mini decorative pumpkin pies

I have been trying to perfect pies and pie crust for quite awhile now. They always come out and taste good but they aren’t always as “pretty” as I would like. I’ve seen many pies with pretty decorative edges and why I’ve never attempted this before, I’m not sure! It feels like I have discovered a secret, LOL! I do own MANY MANY cookie cutters but I decided to purchase these pie cutters to try, they were on sale. I use the Trader Joe’s Pie crust. I find it tastes much better than the Pillsbury and is easy to work with. I own 8 mini glass pie plates so I already had those. All I did was thaw the TJ pie crust, place it in the mini pie pan and then use my pie cutters to cut shapes out of the extra dough. Place the shapes around the edge of the pie crust and voila beautiful pie crust! Super Super Simple! As you will see it still isn’t perfect but I thought it was ok to show you as I’m trying to learn, it’s not always going to be perfect, haha! Next time I bake them I will NOT hang the cut out pieces over the edge I will make sure they come just to the top of the dough.

I made pumpkin pie using the original Libby recipe which can be found at verybestbaking.com or if you have the Libby can of pumpkin it is on the back.

Try a pie today! The possibilities are endless! My next pie will be my apple pie with a crumb topping, yummy! You could also make this decorative edge on a quiche!


Debbi K.

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