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New Halloween Cookie Creation

Today I am sharing a new cookie design! I had one idea in my mind for this and it just evolved as I went along! I am very pleased with the results! I used 2 colors of gel paste for the icing, Super Black and October Orange. The orange at first was much darker than I expected but I was very pleased in the end with how it worked with the black. For the black, it requires more gel than usual to get the “super black”. I was happy it did not alter the taste of the cookie! I have many edible pearl decorations in various sizes and colors and always when I end up adding them to a cookie, I love the design. It just “jazz’s” them up! The white pearls I used on this design are simply a small bottle of Betty Crocker Cupcake Gems found at the grocery store.  For the orange icing I used an angled spatula to spread on the cookies. I let them dry COMPLETELY (this is very important) if you don’t your second color with run and not be a clean design! Then I put the black icing in a small icing bottle with a small writer tip and made the Jack O Lantern faces and dots free hand. I am not an artist, if I can do this anyone can! The icing bottle is the key to make your cookies look awesome! I hope you ENJOY my new design!

Debbi K.


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