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Ramblings of a frustrated organizer

I lost my job in Feb 2012 and was having trouble finding another job. So I became obsessed with getting my house organized. I have organized and re organized for over a year! I love having things in place and clutter free. However, as everyone knows organizing is an ongoing process that never ends!

One of the places I seem to continually organize is books and cooking magazines. I LOVE cooking magazines and I like going to the bookstore to see what is out so I normally don’t do subscriptions. Not only is this more costly but the amount of magazines piled up at the end of a year can be overwhelming. Of course I can’t just recycle them, most have good recipes! I am still going through magazines and pulling out the recipes I like and recycling the rest of the magazine. I will share later how I organize my recipes.

I recently discovered you can receive magazines on the Nook! I’m sure other brands of electronic reading devices have them too. I figured not only will this save me money by using subscriptions but NO MORE PAPER to find a place for!!! I know not a new concept to some (probably most) but I was so elated to find this “new way to organize” I couldn’t stand it!  My one daughter has a Nook Color and she thinks I’ve lost my mind at how excited I am about this! I purchased the Nook HD+ so I can hold all the magazines I want!  Now when I’m out and see a magazine I want, I restrain myself from the purchase, come home and order it on my Nook.

Looking forward to the end of this year when I don’t have the books and magazines to organize!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Debbi K.

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