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Shepherd’s Pie

I am thankful for today! Go out today and make it a great day!

I know a lady who used to share her Shepherd’s Pie with many people. She even made them and kept them in the freezer so she always had them on hand. If someone was ill, or had a baby, or just needed a pick me up, she was there with her Shepherd’s Pie! I remember a long conversation with her about this pie. She shared how she made it and all the wonderful memories she had sharing it and what it meant to her. I treasure moments like this, moments when people share their heart with me. I thought about her the day as I was looking for something different to make for dinner. I don’t remember all the details of her recipe and I know my pie is not as involved as hers but the memory came back to me and I made my own quick version.

Shepherd’s Pie can be simple. There are many different ways to make it. I made it 2 ways and both are super simple. I even made an extra to have for lunch the following day. ENJOY!

I simply made mashed potatoes and lined small pie dishes with the potatoes like a crust. I sautéed petite carrots, green beans and yellow wax beans in a little olive oil. For the pie with chicken, I placed shredded cooked chicken in the mashed potato lined pan and added the veggies then topped with more potatoes. For the beef, I added cooked beef and onions to the veggies with about 1/2 cup chicken stock. While hot I added a small amount of water mixed with cornstarch. Cooked for a few minutes then placed this mixture in the other pans and topped with mashed potatoes. I put a small pat of butter on top and baked at 350 for 20 minutes or until golden and hot. Then I sprinkled with shredded cheese and put back in the oven for a few minutes. Delicious, yummy, comfort food!

This is a great recipe to use up leftovers in your frig! Create your own version today!

Debbi K.

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