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Strawberry Picking

Happy Wednesday to you!

My daughter graduated from high school on Monday! It was a beautiful evening and a very special milestone!

Monday during the day we decided to pick strawberries. The weather was beautiful and perfect for being at a farm. It wasn’t too hot and there was a light breeze. The fields were calm and quiet. There were only about 4 others picking near us. We laughed, picked a flat of berries and enjoyed the moments leading up to the big night!

The strawberries are delicious! Nothing like a fresh picked strawberry! I just hope they last until the party on Saturday!!!

A little money-saving tip….IF you eat a lot of strawberries, it is less expensive to buy a flat. You save a considerable amount of money!

Enjoy the pictures from the farm. If you live in Maryland, we belong to Gorman Farm as CSA members. Anyone can belong and anyone can just go pick strawberries!

Debbi K.

IMAG3865 IMAG3868 IMAG3869 IMAG3870 IMAG3873 IMAG3874

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